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Manual on hunting of small whales in Greenland

The manual on hunting of small whales in Greenland are now published online in both English and Greenlandic. 

Kalaallit Nunaanni arfeerarniarnermi najoqqutassiaq - Greenlandic version.

Manual hunting of small whales in Greenland - English version. 

NAMMCO announces a new General Secretary


The future General Secretary of NAMMCO has been announced as Dr Geneviève Desportes of GDnatur, based in Denmark. Dr Desportes is a French citizen but has lived in the Faroe Islands for six years, then in Denmark since 1992 where she has her family. Among her past employers are the Faroese Home Rule Government and the Faroese Museum of Natural History. In Denmark she was employed by the Fjord and Belt Centre in Kerteminde for ten years, and during her career, she has been involved in several EC- and Nordic Council of Ministers-funded projects, especially addressing issues of mitigation of by-catch of harbour porpoises. She currently does consultancy work and has been closely involved with ASCOBANS in undertaking many tasks and projects addressing management and conservation of small cetaceans, as well as with NAMMCO. Since the foundation of NAMMCO she has played an important role in the Scientific Committee, representing the Faroe Islands, and also served a term as the Chair of this committee. She also acted as coordinator for the Trans-North Atlantic Sightings Survey in 2007, involving NAMMCO countries as well as Canada and Russia and closely coordinated with concomitant European and North American sightings surveys.

She has a solid background in the science and management of marine mammals and will be a competent and welcome addition to the staff of the Secretariat who wish to congratulate her and look forward to working with her from April 2015.

The present General Secretary, Dr Christina Lockyer, will be retiring at the end of February 2015, after 10 years of service to NAMMCO.