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NAMMCO Scientific Publications Series

The purpose of the NAMMCO Scientific Publications series is to make available, in published, peer-reviewed form, scientific papers which have contributed to the work carried out by the NAMMCO Scientific Committee.

NAMMCO Scientific Publications are now available online and open-access at the new journal website: . Papers are now being published as Online Early versions for Volume 9: Walrus of the North Atlantic, and Volume 10: Age Estimation of Marine Mammals with a Focus on Monodontids.

Volumes 5-8 are available online, and Volumes 1-4 will be published online in the coming months. Volumes 1-8 are also available in hard copy form by emailing

A pod of belugas

NAMMCO Scientific Publications Volume 4

Belugas in the North Atlantic and the Russian Arctic

Sealworm life cycle by Lucy Bergstrõm

NAMMCO Scientific Publications Volume 3

Sealworms in the North Atlantic: ecology and population dynamics

Sassuma Arnaa, Mother of the Sea by Jens Rosing

NAMMCO Scientific Publications Volume 2

Minke whales, harp and hooded seals: major predators in the North Atlantic ecoystem

Ringed seal in an ice hole

NAMMCO Scientific Publications Volume 1

Ringed seals in the North Atlantic